Our Mission

West End Lyric is an all women led, Boston-based performing arts collective that seeks to bring a diverse cultural community together through music. We employ our core values - inclusivity, accessibility, community artistry and support through opportunity - in order to inspire, educate and provide a space for artists and audiences alike to share in high quality artistic expression in Boston’s West End.

Our Core Values
  1. Inclusivity: In all areas of our work, West End Lyric seeks to showcase and empower commonly disenfranchised voices, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women, LGBTQ+ people, trans & non-binary people, religious minorities, disabled people, and more. We approach inclusivity with a growth mindset and are always eager to learn, change, and improve.

  2. Accessibility: At West End Lyric, we strongly believe that all people should be able to experience high quality music and theatrical performance. Through our partnership with Card to Culture and our educational outreach efforts, we seek to open doors to all audiences, particularly those experiencing financial barriers, lack of exposure to arts events, non-inclusive marketing, etc. 

  3. Community Artistry: West End Lyric is committed to demonstrating high quality, creative, and unique artistic expression in all our productions, all while creating an intentional cultural home within our existing community. We stay local - nearly all of our productions take place in Boston’s West End or in Boston area locations accessible via public transportation, and all of our artists live and work in Eastern Massachusetts or surrounding New England areas. 

  4. Support through Opportunity: West End Lyric creates the physical space and infrastructure for artists to perform exciting and unique works, propose and execute their own projects, and build resumes through unconventional pathways (i.e. Young Artist Programs, pay-to-sings, and/or the traditional audition circuit).

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